How does the SJCT work?

The SJCT has an extensive programme, with 29 concerts at 25 locations, making it impossible to visit them all. You will have to make choices and compile your own SJCT. This page offers you information, tips and tricks to help you do so.

Five routes

This year we have mapped out five different routes, with various options to change over to a different route on the way. The routes are indicated in different colours on the map. The programme information also contains a route colour indication. On the road the routes are signposted with SJCT signs.

Five starting points

Each route has its own starting point. The starting points are the only places where you can buy an SJCT Go-as-you-please ticket, validate your e-ticket and purchase the brand-new T-shirt.

Route Starting point Ticket office open
1 ROUTE WEST Aduard church 11.30 - 14.00
2 SENA PERFORMERS Leegkerk church 11.30 - 14.00
3 SLIDE ROUTE Noorderhoogebrug stately home 11.30 - 14.00
4 ROUTE EAST Garnwerd tent 11.30 - 24.00
5 ROUTE NORTH Feerwerd barn Hans 11.30 - 14.00
Addresses starting points

Aduard church
Seinenstraat 42, 9831 PX Aduard

Leegkerk church
Leegeweg 38, 9746 TC Groningen

Noorderhoogebrug Stately home
Woldijk 103, 9738 AD Groningen

Garnwerd tent
Hunzeweg t/o molen, Garnwerd

Feerwerd barn Hans
Oosterweg 24, 9892 PJ Feerwerd

SJCT rules

One of the perks of the SummerJazzCycleTour is that you get to compile your own programme. But it is not possible to reserve seats for a particular concert. Nobody knows in advance how busy venues will be. In order to make things run as smoothly as possible, we've stipulated a number of rules, tips and tricks.


If you're very keen on attending a particular concert, make sure to be there early, because full=full!

Changeover rule at busy venues

At busy concerts or small venues, you may run into a 'full=full'. The new changeover rule stipulates that everyone leaves the venue after the first set. Those waiting in line are allowed to go inside for the second set first. At smaller locations those waiting in line will receive a ticket to get in for the second set.

Opt for the second settip!

You can start at every second set. Second sets often prove to be less crowded.


Pick a convenient moment to walk in and out, for instance during the applause. And don't forget to switch off your cell phone during concerts!


At the locations Garnwerd tent and Feerwerd barn Hans electronic payment is possible. The other locations will only accept cash. There are ATM machines at the supermarket in Aduard and at the Molenstraat in Oldehove.

Tent Garnwerd as central location

The tent near the windmill in Garnwerd is open all day for ticket sales, information, drinks and food. From 15.30 hrs. caterers with local and international dishes will be ready to serve you. 'Waddenvarken' BBQ, 'de Keuken van het Ongewenste Dier', pizza, home-made nasi (Indonesian-style fried rice), delicious pasta, or rolls with grilled vegetables. There's something for everyone's taste.
From 20.00 hrs. you can eat or swing tot the sounds of DJs Swingmaster Sem and Yeah Man. They will play music from their extraordinary jazz and blues collections. At 22.00 hrs. the Ronald Snijders Band will conclude the 2017 SummerJazzCycleTour with a swinging finale.

Bicycle rent

As an extra service, it is possible to rent a bicycle at the Garnwerd tent on Saturday 26 Augustus. If you want to make sure a bike will be available for you, please contact Guikema Rijwielhandel to make a reservation for the SummerJazzCycleTour (or by phone: +31 (0)6-288 93 438).


Have you got a puncture on the way, or other problems with your bike? Then the SJCT bicycle repairman is at hand. He will come to you as soon as he possibly can and will help you for free! His cell phone number can be found on the Latest News page.


Performances start strictly on time. Every band plays two 45 minute sets. The exception to this rule are the starting points where the band will play one long set of 75 minutes. Between sets there will be a 30-minute interval.